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Cloth / Fabric Seat Covering

This page is used to view the cloths that are available for the furniture. Below the cloth is every chair that the material can be used on (or may be used on). Some of furniture only comes in specific materials, but most of them you can choose the material. If you are interested in using your own material, that is also an option. To do that, the cloth has to be sent to the manufacturer. The manufacturer would let us know the amount of material needed to create the seats based on the amount of restaurant chairs or stools that you have chosen to order. The pricing on those types of custom orders will have to be sent to you. It is cheaper than choosing the manufacturer's cloth. You just have to basically pay the labor cost for them to create the seats.

Cloth Grade 5
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Chairs that use the Fabric / Cloth Above:

Church Chair Cloth

Chairs that use the Fabric / Cloth Above: