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This page allows you to view all the furniture from the same manufacturer / location that it will be shipping from. Using this if you find 1 piece that you like such as a table top, you can then see the bases that ship from the same place. This can allow you to save money on shipping costs by getting all the furniture on 1 (or many) pallets instead having different shipments from multiple places. An example is that if you purchase 4 table tops and 4 bases, those could all fit on 1 large pallet that may still be just above the minimum shipping cost and it will just add a little bit for the extra weight. If you order the tops from 1 location and the bases from another, you will have 2 pallet minimums which would almost double the shipping cost. This also pertains to chairs and stools, I just used tops and bases as an example. Please call us if you have any questions about this process.