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This search can be used to find table bases entering your own criteria such as where they ship from, the height of the base, whether they are made for indoor or outdoor use as well as the size of the table top that they are going under.

Here is some information on the criteria that you can choose:
Shipping Location: Use this to match up to any other furniture that you may have chosen so that you can save money on shipping because if you ship from 1 location the furniture can be put on a single pallet (or more depending on the size of the order) instead of shipping from 2 different locations.
Base Height: These are usually standard commercial table base heights (Table Height of 30" or Bar Height of 42"). These can vary by up to 1" or so depending on the manufacturer, so please see the specifications on the page about the bases.
Usage Location: We have table bases that are made to be used indoors or outdoors. While you can use an outdoor base indoors, NEVER use an indoor base outside. In reality, you can use the indoor base outside, but here are some of the problems that you will have. The bases may rust out and not last as long as they should, they could drip rust spots on your outdoor patio and stain it.
Top Size: You can see what bases will fit for the specific size top you have. Be aware that most bases come in multiple sizes, so you will have to view the chart on the specific table base page to see the recommended base for the top size. Also remember, go up 1 size base if you are choosing Bar Height