Create a welcoming customer environment with our range of outdoor table bases. Choosing your outdoor table base and patio table top separately provides an opportunity to achieve a custom look that’s truly you, at an accessible price. Support Numerous Compatible Tops: Outdoor Table Bases for Enjoyable and Secure Outside Dining. We offer a wide variety of outdoor table bases, each featuring distinct aesthetics and benefits. Options include various table types, heights, shapes, and sizes. Each base will support numerous compatible tops, making it easy to mix and match the look of your outdoor furniture and create looks ranging from contemporary to traditional. An outdoor table base is suitable for use in almost any commercial or residential setting, and available brands include premium manufacturers such as Oak Street. There's a style to suit any location. Our sturdy, rust-resistant aluminum outdoor bases are your best choice for alfresco dining arrangements. Available as single or double bases, in three- or four-prong configurations, these outdoor table bases come in your choice of power-coated finish or sleek aluminum finish. For open-air dining, these are fine pieces at a good price. Choose trendy and sculptural styling for bistros and sidewalk cafes. Standard and basic metals are available for more casual settings. Dual bases, three-pronged, and four-pronged designs are stable for all high-traffic areas and doubles support larger size toppers. Some feature bar and dining height options, so you can easily switch tops from 24 to 32 inches with ease. Outdoor table bases pair with table tops for enjoyable and secure outside dining. Our outdoor table bases and tops are sold separately, allowing you to mix and match compatible products. Many of these outdoor table bases are also umbrella compatible, which will help protect guests on sunny days. Many of our outdoor table bases have glides to protect your floor and that also adjust to compensate for uneven surfaces. In addition to tables that should only be used outdoors, we also offer models that will work both indoors and out. These bases are the perfect choice for outdoor seating at hotels, restaurants, bars, pizzerias, cafes, and bistros. So! What are you waiting for? Grab your best choice.!