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The Ordering Process from Discount Seating
Restaurant Furniture / February 12th, 2019 8:10 am     A+ | a-

So, you have decided that you need some new furniture for your restaurant or maybe you are opening a new restaurant. Maybe you just found our site and want to get some furniture for your patio or dining room. We can help with that.

The first thing is once you have found the restaurant furniture you want, you put it in our shipping cart. Why is it not a shopping cart? The reason is that we get a custom shipping quote for every order. Therefore, I decided I was going to call it a shipping cart as you cant just place your order immediately. There are some pieces that I could put on the site to purchase immediately, but that is for a future blog titled “Why to not buy furniture online with shipping cost built in”.

We suggest trying to find furniture all from 1 manufacturer to save you on shipping cost, but don't worry, if you do not, we will suggest options for you to save you money if something similar is available.

Once you have found all of the furniture that you need and placed it in your shipping cart, you will go to our checkout page where we ask you the minimal amount of information needed to get the shipping quote put together for you. You can fill in more information if you like, we are very security conscious and do not allow the information to get out (and we definitely do not sell it). We rarely send out unsolicited emails, in the last 15 years in business, we have not sent any out (but we are about to send our first one out).

Once you complete the entry in the checkout area, that information is sent to us and we then send it to the manufacturer to get a shipping quote and check stock availability. The manufacturer checks with multiple shipping carriers to get the best quote and sends it back to us. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours depending on the size of the order and where it is going. They also let us know if the products you are looking at are in stock. We give you the latest information that is given to us, but 10 minutes after we quote it another company could purchase 300 pieces and take all the inventory (that is very rare though).

We then send you an email back with the product and shipping costs as well as let you know if they are out of stock. If we don't say anything, the restaurant furniture is in stock. From that email, you can click on a link that takes you to the quote and if you want to purchase it, you just click on the link to buy it. You are taken out of our site to to do the purchase. We prefer to do it that way as they are more secure than we could ever be (look them up – they are one of the biggest processors on the web). Another thing good about letting them do it all is that we never have access to your credit card information (by that I mean the card number, CCV or expiration date). We do have access to your shipping and billing information which is needed to ship your furniture.

Please contact us at Discount Seating if you have any questions or need more information.

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