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Buying Closeout furniture for your Restaurant
Restaurant Furniture / March 14th, 2019 11:47 am     A+ | a-

So, you are thinking about buying closeout furniture for your restaurant. Here are some things that you need to think about when doing that. This is what I have found out from dealing with the companies where the furniture comes from for my company. This does not mean all companies work this way, so be sure to ask.

The first thing to know is that when the manufacturers that I deal with have closeout furniture, they come with no warranty on the furniture. So, if you have problems down the line, the manufacturer will not warranty your restaurant furniture. The reason for this is that they will no longer carry the parts to fix that piece of furniture, so be prepared to figure out a way to fix them yourself and just know that they will not have a warranty.

The furniture is sold AS-IS, so be prepared for that. The companies that I deal with will inspect the furniture before it is shipped to be sure it is all in good shape, but there is a chance a bad one may slip through, it may have a few scratches on it, but nothing major. If they have enough they will use the best ones to ship you and if there is not enough to fill your order that are in good shape, they inform the customer and then the quantities have to be adjusted.

Here is the MOST important thing to think about when buying closeout furniture. Once the stock is gone, you will not be able to buy more of them. Think about this, you get the restaurant furniture and it is all good, you bought just enough to fill your business and then 6 months later a couple break. You are not able to order any more like it, so you will either have to get different chairs to replace them or you have to go short a few seats. That shortage will cost you. My suggestion is to buy a handful of extras so in case something happens in the future you will have replacements that you can bring out. Another way to do it is to find similar chairs from another manufacturer and know that you can replace them with something similar, but they will not be exactly the same.

When buying closeout restaurant furniture, be sure to plan ahead. It may seem like a great deal now, but think about what may happen 6 months or a couple years in the future.

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