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Warranty Information

Please see the warranty stated on each individual product page. However, if nothing is shown on that page, the information below is the information to be used.

Any products not specifically denoted as made for outdoor furniture will automatically void the warranty

Unless otherwise stated on the product detail page, the Manufacturer warrants each product for 1 (one) year from purchase to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and sevice.

Metal products are Manufacturer warranteed on frame failure due to broken or fatigued welds for 3 (three) years from purchase date.

Aluminum Products are Manufacturer warranteed on any broken or fatigued aluminum for 1 (one) year from purchase date under normal use and service.

The manufacturer offers a 1 (one) year warranty on vinyl and fabric upholstery excluding customers own material. This warranty does not apply to modified products or components or to a product that is damaged by accident, abuse, neglect or misuse for its designated purpose.