Restaurant Table Bases

Find sturdy, versatile and well designed cast iron table bases in a range of heights designed to support our collection of solid wood and laminate table tops. Every restaurant table needs a sturdy support which comes from purchasing strong restaurant table bases for your table tops. Well Constructed Bases: Restaurant Table Bases with Simplistic Attractive Style. Your customers may not be looking for your table bases, but your wise selection can make all the difference between a great and a terrible dining experience for your patrons. Wobbly tables, tilting tables, banged up knees and ankles – avoid these with our sturdy, well made bases that attach firmly to your table tops. These restaurant table bases are easy to connect with the tops and the hardware required for assembly is included if you buy the base and top from the same manufacturer. Our bases are designed to last and will withstand years of use and abuse. The simplistic attractive style of our table bases fits in well with any décor. Our customer service staff will help you choose the right size base so your patrons will have plenty of legroom to stretch out. The selection at Discount Seating includes both regular dining and bar height table bases and works with many seating arrangements. Browse our wide selection of table bases below for dining tables, poseur (bar) tables and coffee tables. From all the highest quality American, Asian and European contract factories we present a range of different styles and finishes for a huge range of interior themes. From bang on trend concrete, brass and copper to traditional wood and cast iron we will be able to help. Our table stands are suitable for use with large and small tops including thick solid wood and stone tops. We can also supply most models in custom height if required. Most of our table legs / bases are suitable for use in bars and clubs. All our bases are available in standard height, counter height or bar height. We do not have custom heights available as these are the most common sizes used in the restaurant business.
Here is what to do when you get the furniture from Discount Seating. The first thing is to inspect the furniture to make sure it was not damaged in delivery. Unwrap the pallet as the shippers can re-wrap pallets that were hit with a fork lift. If you see the boxes have some damage, open them up. If you do find damage, note it on the shipping paper, take pictures and send the information to us as soon as possible. If everything is documented well and noted when signing for the delivery, the manufacturer will quickly get the replacements or parts out to repair them. The next step is to assemble your table base. Sometimes they are simple 1 bolt assembly. Other times you have a rod that goes through the center post and has a bolt on each end that needs to be tightened. Once you have assembled the base, you then need to turn your table top upside down on a cloth or carpet (so you do not scratch it). You will then find the approximate middle of the top and set the base upside down on it. Mark the holes in the top spider of the base and then drill pilot holes so that the screw can easily go in. Be sure to only go in about a quarter inch so you do not go through the top. Then put the base back on and screw the base to the top. Turn the top and base up and check to see that they are not wobbly. If they are adjust the glides on the bottom. You can then move it to its spot on the floor and everything should be ready. Some bases come with 4 holes and others with 8. Though you do not have to put in all 8 screws, it is more sturdy that way. Pilot holes are not always needed as well. If you buy the top and base from the same manufacturer, the screws will come with them. If you do not, you will have to buy your own. The reason for this is that neither company knows what top or base that you got or the thicknesses. If they sent you a screw that is too long, it could go through the top and one of them would be liable for the damage.
The choices you make for seating and furniture at your business can make or break it. When you have a good atmosphere, and the clients are comfortable, they will spend more time there and order more drinks. You may think that is not the greatest thing as you want to turn the tables over. But, if they are not comfortable, will they return? The answer is probably no, so you want them to have good seating and a good ambiance. This matched with the good food will bring them back. With that in mind, we offer great furniture. We have good prices. We offer quick shipping. Choose our company and you will be treated with respect and we will do everything we can to get you the seating, stools, tables and bases to you when you need them. Whether you have a restaurant, bistro, cafe, banquet hall, cater or are just planning a wedding, graduation or seminar, we can take care of you. The best part is we will save you money on what you need. We hope that you will spend some time on the site and see what we have. You can browse by the category you are looking for. We have searches that you can use. View our special sales and closeouts as well. You may find just what you need. If you are looking for restaurant table bases, check out our wide selection of table bases, we have them for indoor and outdoors. Most of the indoor table bases that we have are black powder coated, but there are other types of table bases available.

Restaurant Table Bases are one of our specialties in the restaurant furniture industry. These restaurant table bases are made from various metal materials to fit your application