XX: T-1 Teak Aluminum Square Frame Side Chair ST56020C commercial restaurant furnit
  • Teak Aluminum Square Frame Side Chair Teak Aluminum Square Frame Side Chair
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Teak Aluminum Square Frame Side Chair

  • Model:   ST56020C
  • Shipped From:  Florida
  • Approx Lead Time:  3-14 Business Days
  • Stackable:  Yes
  • Quantity:
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  • The chair frame is 1 1/2 Inch By 3/4 Inch Box Tube and 2 mm aluminum wall.
  • All joints are made of cast aluminum.
  • All hardware is stainless steel.
  • The frame is chemically polished and anodized to protect it from the elements and retain a polished finish.
  • Fact: In direct sunlight the aluminum will only heat up 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and will automatically adjust to body temperature in 5 to 15 seconds.
  • That makes this unique outdoor furniture safe, waterproof, UV resistant and maintenance free.
  • If the chair has wicker: The weave is PVC with an aluminum filament wire for strength.
  • Aluminum Products are Manufacturer warranteed on any broken or fatigued aluminum for 1 (one) year from purchase date under normal use and service

  • This is NOT real Teak, it is a plastic made to look like real teak, it does not require as much upkeep as real teak wood.
    These Chairs Are Stackable
    • Mfg Stock # AL-5602-0 RF
    • Stackable YES
    • Shipping Weight 10 lbs
    • Seat Back Height 33 Inches
    • Seat Width 16.5 Inches
    • Seat Depth 16.5 Inches
    • Seat Height 17 Inches
    Two (2) years, for indoor wood chairs and barstools

    From date of shipment, such goods shall be free from structural defects under normal use and service. If, during such specified period, such goods shall fail to perform in accordance with the manufacturer specifications, the manufacturer shall, at its expense and option, repair or replace such defective goods; provided, however, that the manufacturer shall not be responsible for any removal, installation, or reinstallation costs; and provided further, however, that if any such remedy shall fail of its essential purpose, the manufacturer’s maximum and sole liability arising from or related to the Contract, or from any attempts to repair or replace such defective goods, shall be limited to payment of the purchase price, or the allocable portion of the purchase price which relates to the defective goods furnished under the Contract.


    The foregoing warranty shall be void if any of the following shall occur: (1) Customer’s improper storage, transportation, installation, repair, or use of the goods; (2) unauthorized modification or misuse of the goods; (3) damage resulting from lack of care or maintenance; (4) Customer’s failure to pay the invoice in full under the terms of the Contract; (5) Customer’s return of any goods without an official return authorization number; or (6) Customer’s violation of these Terms and Conditions or any other provisions of the Contract (7) Using furniture outdoors that is designed for indoor use.

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