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Solid Wood Round Table Top

  • Model:   HTWDR
  • Shipped From:  GA
  • Approx Lead Time:  1-2 Weeks
  • Quantity:
  • Table Size:  
  • Stain Choice:  
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SizeQty FromQty ToYour Cost
24 In Round14$140.00
24 In Round512$135.00
24 In Round13999$132.00

SizeQty FromQty ToYour Cost
30 In Round14$224.00
30 In Round512$219.00
30 In Round13999$216.00

SizeQty FromQty ToYour Cost
36 In Round14$274.00
36 In Round512$269.00
36 In Round13999$266.00

SizeQty FromQty ToYour Cost
42 In Round14$384.00
42 In Round512$379.00
42 In Round13999$376.00

SizeQty FromQty ToYour Cost
48 In Round14$482.00
48 In Round512$477.00
48 In Round13999$474.00

SizeQty FromQty ToYour Cost
60 In Round14$766.00
60 In Round512$761.00
60 In Round13999$758.00

Stain Choices

Dark Mahogany



Wild Cherry
1 1/2" Thick
Solid Oak Construction stained and finished with a varnish
  • Shipping Weight 18-90 lbs
  • Assembly Required YES
  • Table Shape Round
Limited Warranty

The manufacturer warrants all products manufactured by them against defective material or workmanship for one year from date of shipment. Customer assumes responsibility for normal wear and tear. Warranty does not cover any product which has been altered or subjected to misuse, negligence or accident.

The manufacturers indoor wood and metal product lines are designed and manufactured for indoor use only, and the warranty will not cover products exposed to the element such as water, direct sunlight, harsh, acid agent or abrasives.

The manufacturers obligation under this warranty is limited to credit for, or replacement of, the defective items. The manufacturer will not assume labor charges for unauthorized field repairs.

This Limited Warranty does not cover any upholstery, which is subject only to the warranty offered by the respective upholstery manufacturers, or COM materials. Cuts or tears discovered after signing for receipt of upholstered products are not covered.

All metal frames are warranted against broken or fatigued welds for 5 years.

Exclusion of Warranty and Liability In case customer(s) elects to assemble the chair and/or barstools purchased from the manufacturer by themselves, warranty will be automatically voided and any liabilities incurred thereafter shall be assumed by the purchaser.